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Doganov: 'Doganov has the tendency NOT to listen to others...'

‘Conducting Chaos’ is a great name for the debut of Doganov. The group thrives on chaos, on the razor's edge between electro and metal. They already impressed us with their first EP 'Dark Something To Dance To', and their performances were such a burst of energy that we were simply blown away. Now their debut is released, we had no other choice to go listen to what singer Carl Cleeren has to tell us. 

‘Conducting Chaos’ is your official debut. We think it’s great. How did the recording process go? 
Thank you. We have done everything ourselves. The recordings, pre-mixing, artwork ... Only the final mixdown (Dee-J La Muerte), and mastering (Frank T. Wallace) was given away. It was a process of writing and recording at the same time. We met once every week in the studio, and did our homework apart of that. We had put a deadline for us on October 10th 2015, when everything had to be ready and presented. We succeeded. The music was there. All the artwork was finished. We solved the legal issues regarding the cover of Front242, and al the CDs were pressed. We have also played live a couple of times in between. That was a very pleasant change.

The earlier EP ‘Something dark to dance to’ was impressive also. This one appeared on CD in a very limited edition, to the frustration of some. Are there any plans to publish it on CD? 

You can still purchase it at performances and it is available on all channels online. Spotify, Deezer, I-tunes etc. In addition, you can tbuy both CDs via Then you get sent a copy. 

‘Conducting Chaos’ still guarantees a mix of loud guitars and electronics, but I think ‘Conducting Chaos’ is a bit more electronic than its predecessor, which perhaps lies in the fact that you now work with only one guitarist. Do you have that feeling too? 

Not really. Yes, it sounds different. As you evolve as a band. But it was never the intention to consciously use more electronics. Doganov often is a matter of feeling. If the music invites you to go in a certain direction during the writing process, then we follow. And if it really does not work, then we drop it. Not everything we have written is on the CD. Logical. And yes, there is "only" one guitarist, but that is man enough to stand alone against all that electronic violence. 

Another reason why it sounds more electronic is firmly mastered by Frank T. Wallace, a famous name in the dance world. How did this collaboration come about? We know Frank a while. He has his own vision and is always open to suggestions. He just delivers good work! We did not have to think a long time about it. 

On the other hand the mix was done by Dee-J alias Didier Moens La Muerte, and that we associate more with the heavy guitars. Was it a conscious decision with Didier and Frank's two core elements of your music - guitars and beats - into the paint? Yes. Didier is our live mixer. He knows Doganov well. And he is also a musician. That in itself is a fine approach. He was also the only one that we trusted to ‘give’ our music to. In retrospect, it was a very good choice. 

Your CD also includes a cover of Front 242: ‘Headhunter’. An homage to the musical heroes of all time? 

Funny ... It was not the original intention to put Headhunter on the CD. This is mainly done at the behest of others. We saw what our version did with a live audience. It was well received. Ultimately, it was Didier who pulled us over. Crazy, because Doganov has the tendency NOT to listen to others... And if that is simultaneously a friendly wink to Front 242, that’s good. Is it an homage? No idea. 

What are the prospects now for Doganov? 

Play live. As much as possible. We are negotiating with organizers. The only thing we can say with certainty is that we play in Poperinge on November 5 at Dubhfest. 

Doganov: website / facebook 

Doganov will play on November 5, 2016 at Dubhfest along with Merciful Nuns. 

Photos: John Serré

Interview: Xavier Kruth

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